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Tap, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Lyrical dance classes


Summer 2023 Schedule (June 12-Aug. 12)


Fall 2023 (Sept. 11-Jan. 20) & Winter 2024 (Jan. 22-May 25)


Private Lessons 2022/2023

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New students must bring a filled out registration form with them on the first day of class.


Course Descriptions


Acro is a unique dance style combining tumbling and dance which develops great flexibility and strength to achieve balances, lifts, bends and splits.


Focusing on pure technique, ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Dancers will move through a series of exercises beginning at the barre then moving to the center and performing combinations including balancing exercises, turns, leaps, and jumps. Ballet develops the dancer’s alignment, balance, flexibility, grace, and poise.

Ballet for Babies:

Your child’s first dance class! Filled with music, playful interaction and dance, this class is designed for our youngest dancers! Creative Movement with mom (or dad too!). Get ready to wiggle, jump and move to music, props and fun!


A form of dance that began as a rebellion to ballet, shedding tight clothing and ballet slippers, modern dance is the purest form of dance as an art. Dancers learn basic ballet principles with an emphasis on style and dance in bare feet. Improvisation is used as a means to let the students explore their own creativity as a dancer. Students dance to a wide range of musical forms, usually without lyrics.

Creative Movement:

Designed for the young dancer, creative movement incorporates props, games music and fun to encourage students to think creatively in addition to learning basic ballet technique. Students will go through a series of stretches, barre work, across the floor steps, and center floor activities. Students not yet potty trained will need a caregiver to stay on the premises for the duration of the class.

Hip Hop:

A style of jazz dance made popular by street dancers in California and New York. Dancers will learn rhythm, style, and improvisation, not focusing on technique, but allowing each student to find their individual style in relation to the music.


A stylized form of dance taking root from popular music and dance forms with basic ballet technique. Jazz is a broad from of dance that is individualized by each teacher. Students will learn alignment, flexibility, balance, turns, leaps, and jumps usually performed to upbeat popular music.

JLT (Jumps, Leaps, Turns):

Floor progressions focusing solely on leaps, pirouettes and skills help your child develop his/her skills.


A slower style of jazz pulling more from ballet technique using turned out and parallel positions. Students learn alignment, flexibility, balance, expression, and focus. Lyrical dance is usually performed to complement the lyrics of a song, telling a story through movement.

Musical Theatre:

A style of jazz that references Broadway choreography. Dancers learn basic jazz principles and help develop acting skills and facial expression through theatre activities.


A form of dance team style jazz that focuses on synchronization and strong, sharp movements, especially of the arms. Dancers learn basic and advanced pom drills and combinations to emphasis unity and precision.


A style of jazz dance that uses metal taps attached to the shoe to make rhythmic sounds. This form of dance uses ballet vocabulary and focuses of rhythm, musicality, and basic jazz principles.


Dress Code

Studio Classes

Ballet for Babies: pink ballet shoes

Creative Movement/Pre-Dance: pink ballet shoes

Ballet: pink ballet shoes

Dance Combo: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes, black jazz shoes

Pre-Ballet/Tap & Ballet/Tap: pink ballet shoes, black tap shoes

Pre-Jazz/Hip-Hop, Jazz/Hip-Hop, & Cheer: black jazz shoes

Contemporary, Lyrical: pink ballet shoes

Musical Theater: tan jazz shoes

Leotards, tights, and hair pulled back are encouraged but not mandatory for studio classes. Mostly, we want students to be excited and comfortable in what they are wearing. We ask that clothes are not excessively baggy and students wear true ballet shoes and not the slippers that are often sold in department stores. This is for the safety of our dancers. Dancer’s Edge has a large bin of used shoes available for all students to borrow when they are here for class.


Competition Classes

Ballet: leotards (of specified color for each level, listed below), pink tights, ballet shoes, no jewelry, no hair accessories.

JLT/Rehearsals: leotards (of specified color for each level, listed below), pink or tan tights, black spandex shorts (optional), jazz shoes, no jewelry, hair accessories allowed.

Leotard Color Requirements:

Minis - Light Pink

Level 1 - Dark Pink/Mulberry

Level 2 - Turquoise

Level 3 - Yellow

Level 4 - Gray

Level 5 - Purple (Not Lavender)

Level 6 - Navy

Level 7 - Hunter/Forest Green

Level 8 - Black Cherry/Burgandy

Seniors - Black


Solos, duets, trios, specialty groups, or private lessons